Settled in ...

Yesterday morning set the tone and tempo for the entire day - 4 students needed to be moved from their 2 homestays (there are 2 students per home).  1 set of students was due to a cat allergy; they didn't want to leave at all, but the health of the student trumped that (she was willing to take her medicine for allergies, but we didn't want that to be the solution and she agreed - and loves her 2nd homestay).  So, the whole day yesterday was checking in with students, how they liked their new families, how they found transportation, etc. etc.  Oh, and they were getting into full swing of Arabic and Journalism classes, plus our first guest lecture (about Jordan's foreign policy).  Plus "discussion lunches" with Ilham, Heather and me ... so all in all, a great but very hectic day.  That was Tuesday.

Today, Wednesday, a very different tone.  Students are settled into their homes, and are getting into the routine of classes.  They're settling in to the time change/jet-lag.  They're settling in to the rhythm and the 'feel' for their environment.  This morning's pre-class "catch up" (student-to-student, and students-to-professors) was completely different.  ("What a difference a day makes, 24 little hours.")

So, no new "stories" (al-hamdu lillah!/ Thank God!) to share; no cool new pics (yet).  But those are coming, no doubt.  Good stories, great pics, wonderful experiences, even with the inevitable hiccups and stumbling blocks yet to come.


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