Arab Uprisings, Arab-Israeli Conflict, and Red Sox

My dear friend Rami Khouri and my new friend Mouin Rabbani joined us today for 3+ hours of discussions on the Arab Uprisings (a.k.a., Arab Spring or Arab Awakenings) and the ever-dominant topic of the conflict between Israel and Palestinians and most Arab states.  Rami opened up with a comment about Red Sox; you might imagine what he said, given his proclivities for the Yankees.  He said he just wanted to make sure he had the attention of our 47 students.  He did, as did Mouin.  It was an afternoon of intense discussions and piercing analysis and insights from two of the most impressive people I know who cover "my world" (the Middle East).

After the nearly 3 hours of presentations, plus Q&A, Rami and Mouin met with a few students for more relaxed conversations on the patio of SIT.

Rami and Mouin made a great duo.  It was truly serendipitous that both of them could appear together.  Rami is based in Lebanon and just happened to be in Amman today (and tomorrow); Mouin is based in Amman but was heading out to Helsinki tonight.  So to have them both together was fortuitous as well as a blessing.


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