Hard work (plus some fun work)

The 3 separate Arabic classes (beginner, intermediate and intermediate/advanced) joined forces (and hands) today.  The 3 Arabic instructors (Rima, Riham and Noor) plus the dynamo Jumana (Arabic Coordinator, and so much more!) wanted to teach students more Arabic via music and some dance.  So they taught them (and us all) some Dabkeh while also teaching them a song plus key words (e.g., left, right, in, out) and more. 

After the morning Arabic (and Dabkeh) lessons, we had lunch break and then an afternoon discussion with Muhammad Zeidan, discussing "Youth in Jordan."  Muhammad is an engaging young man, a great speaker, indeed a charismatic one.  He spoke a lot about poetry, novels, blogging, youth activism, and much more than I can recall.  (Sorry I have no pictures of Muhammad; I have some below of Dr. Raed and a good portion of his amazing staff plus some of the Arabic and Dabkeh)


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