Happy Mother's Day, America!

We all hope you enjoy a happy Mother's day back home, and rest assured your children are well (and well fed) here in Jordan. 

Here are 2 pics - one of lunch, and one (the "artistic" one) from our dinner. Yesterday was a full day of Orientation - to Amman, to Jordan, to "the region", to Jordanian culture, health/safety, finances (exchange rates, cost of taxis and food, etc.), ordering cell phones for students, etc.

Today - Sunday - is some more orientation (more details on our homestays) plus a tour of Amman (Citadel, Roman Amphitheater, and downtown).  And count on more amazing food ... that is at least one "constant" here.  I think we'll all put on the traditional "Freshman 15" once again (and here, I came in hopes of dropping the lbs ... )


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