Pre-departure ... off to Logan!

Jordan, Egypt, Bosnia and Serbia - I just called the bank and told them my itinerary over the next few months.  (We told students to do the same - inform the bank of their itinerary, so the bank doesn't think there is "suspicious activity" and places a hold on their accounts!).  The bank person was pretty impressed with this list of countries; I suddenly got exhausted just thinking about it!  But more than exhausted, I'm really excited to begin the journey with our students and my colleagues.

Parents - if your daughter or son did not inform the bank as instructed, please do so tomorrow and let the bank know that your child might be accessing ATM's abroad.

and as for my Egypt itinerary - don't worry, I'm not taking any students there without your knowledge!!  My wife and I will go after the Jordan Dialogue to check in with our family and friends in Cairo. 

Then, it's off to Belgrade and Sarajevo for part 2 of our summer adventures with students.

Off to Logan!  


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