Out of the woods??

Well, this is one for the record books in Dialogue History.

We had a total of 8 students get sick, with 4 (or possibly 5) visits sick enough to warrant a doctor's opinion at the local medical center.  These students were suffering from some combination of food poisoning or some other bacterial yuckiness (to use the technical term).  It seems to have been a 36-hour thing, as all of them now profess to be fully or near-fully on the mend and back in good (or good enough) health.

We also think that some of this may have been transferred from "the sick" to the otherwise not affected - until those healthy ones were good Samaritans (we are in the holy land after all) and only after visiting the sick students did these become sick.  So, we joked about having to "quarantine" ourselves - meaning, basically, to stay away from the sick ones for a day, until we could stop the spread.  (One "patient"/student put this word on her facebook page, and that was a "shot" heard 'round the world and I got a call from study abroad asking to clarify!)

Somehow, Ilham, Heather, and I have not been taken ill.  (Carlene and the Journalism group also seem completely immune, though a few of her students did suffer from some flu-like symptoms today.)

So, before we finish the month of May, and before we head south for the "reflection seminar" portion of our Jordan Dialogue, we hope/pray/expect to be back in full health, all 46 students and their professors, inshaAllah (God willing).


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