"The Badia" - all students in their temporary new homes

Badia is an "Arabic word used to describe arid to semi-arid regions of the Middle East where rainfall averages less than 200mm. Today, this region makes up part of Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Iraq. In Jordan, the Badia extends from north to south along the eastern portion covering about 80% of Jordan's total area. At present it is home to about only 5% of the Jordanian population." (www.badia.gov.jo/land.html)  Go to this link and see the north Badia; that's where all the students are - in various villages across the north. 

All 47 of our students arrived safe and sound in their "Badia homes", where they will stay for 2 nights and return to Amman on Saturday.  SIT leaders (Dr. Raed and Dema, both of whom are from the Badia) plus Ilham, Heather, and I will visit all the students on Friday, and meet their host families.  I'll make sure to get some good pics, as I'm sure the students will do - and will have even better pictures to share.


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