Getting ready for Jordan Dialogue

A message to parents in particular:

What a shock for us to hear that our students are not sharing with their parents all the information we provide the students!  (Think "Casablanca", the movie, and the line: "I'm shocked, SHOCKED to hear there is gambling going on in here!")

In that spirit, we will provide you with that information here, plus we encourage you to return to this blog for daily updates about our studies, experiences, and adventures (safe ones!) in Jordan.  Those daily updates will start on the 11th of May.

We leave Boston on May 10.  We told students to arrive at Logan 4:45 pm (3 hours in advance of our flight at 7:45 pm).  Flight is Virgin Atlantic #12.  arrives London Heathrow 720 am (May 11); departs London 10:25 am, arriving Amman 5:35 pm (May 11)

We return to Boston June 13, 5:35 pm (coincidentally, same as our arrival time in Amman!)

The emergency phone number for the Northeastern's study abroad office is 617-755-5502. This number is monitored 24/7.  The non-emergency phone number is 617-373-5276.


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