mansaf! Dinner at Dr. Raed's home

mansaf is the traditional Jordanian meal, made of lamb, cooked in a yogurt sauce and served with rice.  It usually takes hours to prepare this meal.  It is really a feast! 

Dr. Raed and his wife invited all the faculty over to their home tonight; it was my first time in their home, and it was such an honor to meet his wife and his 4 children: 2 boys, and 2 girls.  The youngest, whose nickname is Nadoush, is only 2 years old yet she has the personality and "presence" of a much older girl.  She is precocious!, and precious, and smart, and so-so friendly.  She really took to Ilham.  Below is a picture of "the twins" as I call them, because of this picture.  Also below is a picture of Carlene and our host and hostess, Dr. Raed and his wife. 


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