(Remember me?) Back in Amman, Jordan Dialogue 2016

'been a long time without posting ... time to get back in the game!

I'm in Amman with students on my "Jordan Dialogue 2016"!  Had to stop in Beirut (thanks APSA-MENA!), prior to joining up with my group here in Amman.  I want to give a shout-out to Mr. Charles, Ms. FaHu, and Lt. Briskin plus the inimitable Dr. Shakir for leading the group here ahead of me.

Now we're all together and my first day with everyone was a trip to Ajloun Castle after they all toured Jerash ... Note - I was standing right in front of this group, but they insisted on using the selfie stick!  And I found a kindred spirit with a nearly matching hat.  Plus, a non-selfie with the amazing Farhana.

Image result for ajloun castle
Ajloun Castle - built by nephew of Salah ad-Din al-Ayyubi (Saladin), in AD 1184-1185. 


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