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mish mumkin! End of Dialogue One???

"mish mumkin" = impossible! or "how can it be?!"

I just can't believe that today was the final day for "Group One", our 23 students from NU who are on the "regular Dialogue" to Jordan (Group Two being our 8-week, extended program for ROTC).

Today was one of the busiest days all "semester":  final exams (both written and oral); group presentations for all classes; a mad-dash for cabs at lunch time; quick turnaround back to SIT for our guest speaker; and the guest speaker herself, Prof. Rula Qawass; a short break until dinner; and our final dinner in less than 2 hours - a final dinner to wrap up with SIT faculty/staff.  Students leave in about 48 hours - so they have the next day and a half to also spend time with their host families, Jordanian friends they've made, and of course with one another.

Here are some photos to "capture" the day: