Fully engaged in Arabic, dialogue, and politics

Our two groups, the 23 Northeastern students who are here for 5 weeks plus the 14 NU and non-NU students who are on a special language immersion program for 8 weeks, are fully engaged in their Arabic classes plus our broader Middle East studies course (history, politics, culture, and special focus on the Arab "Spring"/Uprising).  

Today, our guest speaker was Mouin Rabbani, a Palestinian and Dutch journalist/analyst based in Amman.  Mouin is a "regular" in our Dialogues, speaking with all the groups I've brought to Jordan over the past 3 years.  He spoke today about the Arab uprisings, with special focus on Syria and on the internal divisions within Palestine (i.e., internal Palestinian divisions).  

Our students all have (or soon will have) individual language partners, so our students will have individualized tutoring in language as well as culture.  

Nothing especially "dramatic" to report - and that's very good news, so far :-) 

Yes, we've had a few students feeling ill (I'll spare you the details, and spare them the embarrassment).  but generally, students seem to be having a great experience, learning a ton, being challenged a lot!!  "touch wood" - so far, generally good!


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