Exploring Amman - in Arabic only

Today, the SIT building is like a "ghost town" - all the hustle-bustle of the past 2 weeks is a memory (temporarily).  The reason:  all classes, all students are engaged in an "Arabic activity day" across Amman.

Students are visiting a mosque, cafe, bookstore, restaurant, a famous DVD store, a souq (market), a spice market, and a theater.  And they are exploring all this using only Arabic.

The Arabic teachers gave everyone a guide - language guide, geography guide, and a bit of history - for the students to explore, compare, report and debrief about the activity (which will last 4 hours at least).

This is the "Arabic in action", Arabic immersion, practical/applied Arabic that makes this "language-anchored Dialogue" the best way to learn this most critical (and extremely difficult) language to learn.


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