Two groups, 37 students, (nearly) all settled in ...

"Group Two" (as we call our Project GO student program) has arrived (or 12 out of 14 have); they arrived in Amman about 36 hours ago and are now settled in to their homestays.

Group One (our original 23) has been here a full week and they're pretty much integrated into their homes, their classes, and perhaps even into Amman, the city.  We still have a few glitches with internet access, but we're "on the case".

Heather and I are taking Group One to Ma'in, the hot springs area about 90 minutes south of Amman.  I'm sure there will be great pictures to post soon!  "Watch this spot" for pics in 24-48 hours ...

otherwise, TGIT! (Thursday being the start of the weekend here).


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