Arabic, full-steam ahead!

Students began their Arabic immersion program today with their first full day of lessons - 4 hours of intense study, plus whatever homework their teachers gave.  Our 23 students are divided into 3 levels, depending upon their previous course work and/or their level of facility with the language:  beginner (no previous experience), advanced beginner, and intermediate/advanced intermediate.

On Monday, after Arabic classes, we will be honored to receive a Kuwaiti Sheikh as our first guest speaker.  Sheikh Faisal will speak about Kuwait-Jordan relations, Kuwait and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), the Syrian crisis and the Arab world's response and responsibility to that, and anything else the Sheikh and the students want to discuss.

Normally, I would be putting up many pictures in this space - but my camera is acting up, so I'm relying (funny word, that!) on students who are taking pictures and who have promised to send them to me for posting here (hence the "funny word" comment above)!  as you can see (by not seeing any!), I have received no such pictures :-(

But I'll get my own act (i.e., camera) together and will post ASAP.

Happy Mother's Day again to all Mothers, Grandmothers, Aunts, God-Mothers, Step-Mothers, Foster Mothers, and other women who have helped raise strong and smart daughters and sons (the group I have here is one such amazing group of your daughters and sons, and I'm so pleased to be their professor and to have them here in Jordan with me).

And a special Happy Mother's Day to my co-leader, Dr. Heather Browne, who is away from her 2 children for much of this program ... thank you Heather, for all you're doing for our wonderful group of Dialoguers!!


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