It's more than Jordan

While we are fully engaged in learning about Jordan, its culture, history, politics and especially its language, our program continues to look more broadly at the Arab world, the "Arab Spring", the Middle East "peace process" (which is indeed a joke, sadly), and the Syrian refugee crisis (which is no joke, sadly).

My own "homestay" (with the wonderful Marriott family of Amman) is just a block away from the Meridien Hotel, where our former Senator and current Secretary of State, John Kerry, is hanging out today.  Welcoming Secretary Kerry to Amman is a tiny group of Syrian "demonstrators" (the group is so small, I cannot even call what they are doing a "demonstration").  Kerry has a nearly impossible task of promoting Middle East Peace between Israelis and Palestinians (see here) as well as a seemingly impossible task of promoting peace in Syria.

Our students generally appreciate the amazing opportunity they have to be in a safe and secure Arab country, learning this critically important language at this critically important juncture in history.  The students who reach out to me to acknowledge this also generally are very appreciative of this opportunity.

But time is flying ... "Group One" (the 23 NU students who came here with me on May 7) are almost half-way through their program!!  I can't believe it is nearly the half-way point for them; on Friday (when we go to visit Jerash Roman city) it will be ...

This is a fantastic group of students, alhamdu lillah!!  I'm so proud to be leading them and helping provide them with this great opportunity.


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