Revolution 101 - overthrowing a dictator or health-care for all

Whatever your issue, whatever your cause, whatever your need - as long as you subscribe to attaining your goals and creating a better tomorrow through non-violent action, then CANVAS will be happy to help.

CANVAS - the Center for Applied Non-Violent Action & Strategies - is the rebranding of the famous OTPOR, the Serbian youth group that planned and executed the non-violent overthrow of Slobodan Milosevic in 2000.

Now CANVAS has helped dozens and dozens of organizations and movements around the world with their causes - most notably, Egypt.  See how that worked?

I arranged for CANVAS to give our students a 3-day workshop/training program to help us understand how CANVAS and its like-minded revolutionaries around the world think, plan, operate, and execute their campaigns.  It was a strange beginning for all of us today - all of us knowing we don't have a dictatorship to overthrow.  But we all want to effect positive change in our world, so we went with it.  

The primary objective of today's training (and we have 2 more days to come) was:

"Developing a vision of tomorrow," whereby our students (in groups) would figure out "how to create a vision that is unifying, broaden the appeal of collective nonviolent action, attract a wide range of interest groups in the society and help to co-opt their opponent’s crucial supporters." 

Here are a few pics of our groups in action.  


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