"sayonara" Sarajevo ... for now

We're wrapping up our stay in Sarajevo today.  It seems like we just got here and that we've been here for months.  I'm not eager (not even happy) to leave, but can hardly wait to get to Mostar later today!  On the way to Mostar (only 2 hours away), we plan to stop at "Tito's bunker", an underground, top-secret (in the 1950s-60s) bunker designed to hold Tito and his top military and political officers, should there ever be need for it.  Think "Cold War", think "Balkans", and think "Tito's non-alignment" policies - all of which led Tito to think he would need a bunker in the likelihood (in his calculations) of a(nother) war.

Mostar is a divided city - mostly Croats and Muslims.  It also has one of the most beautiful bridges in the world, albeit with one of the more sad aspects of the 'death' of Yugoslavia.  More on that in the days ahead.


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