Egypt's Referendum Day (part 1)

It's a chilly, smoggy morning in Cairo as Egyptians (how many?  and of what "persuasion"? - these are 2 of the biggest questions) go to the polls today to begin voting on an Islamist-crafted Constitution.  Only about half of Egypt votes today; the other half next Saturday.

My friend Abduh is already out at the polls with reporters.  He (and I) will update things as the day progresses.  Stay tuned!

(above) Cops sharing a cup o' tea - no demonstrators here to worry about...
(below) "NO to the Constitution" on the Egyptian flag
 (below) long lines of men (on left) and women (on right) in our area of Cairo (Zamalek)

 (below) "le" (no) on a waste-basket on a light pole.  Women queuing up to vote.


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