Walking tour of Belgrade + Archbishop (Roman Catholic) of Serbia

We started our walk from the Hotel Slavija, up the hill to the St. Sava Temple. St. Sava was the 12th Century founder of the independent Serbian Orthodox Church. Other sites along our way were:
  • Library of Serbia
  • Theater Park
  • the bombed-out ruins of the Ministry of Defence (thanks to NATO, 1999)
  • Knez Mihailova street
  • Kalamegdan fortress
  • Serbian Parliament
  • and home of the Archbishop of the Roman Catholic Church of Serbia
As the Archbishop spoke no English, and we spoke no Serbian (or German or Latin!), Mladen translated for the 90-minute discussion.

In one of the pictures of St. Sava Temple, I was aiming for the grandeur of the building, so forgive the fact that these people are in "miniature"!


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