Belgrade - the hottest city in Europe

Beograd (Belgrade) residents would say this anyway ... "hottest" as in "coolest"; but this weekend it's more the temperature sense - it's hotter than blazes here; hotter than any place in Europe; even hotter than in Cairo! 41 degrees C; over 100 degrees F.

Needless to say, there hasn't been much motivation to blog.

Yesterday/Saturday, students spent the day (another hot hot day) in Novi Sad, capital of the Serbian province of Vojvodina and Serbia's 2nd largest city. And it's on the Danube. And it's the home to the "Exit" Festival - an international festival that brings hundreds of thousands of people to Novi Sad.

Today, most students found their way to Ada, the "lake" (a man-made lake, engineered out of a bend in the Sava river). It was refreshing to get out of the hotel and out of the city, but too many of them ended up with "too much sun". We all met tonight for coffee at an outdoor cafe, and I raised their hopes with the thought that I had Aloe Vera to ease their sunburns. Sadly, I didn't. But my wife suggested a traditional Serbian way to ease the burns: plain yogurt. We'll see how that works tomorrow.

Back to the air conditioning ...


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