A-Team (formerly "A-13") and mosque-hopping

Another great day of discovery and learning-while-walking and experiencing the unexpected. I had a plan, and once again, the primary plan fell apart and the result was even greater discoveries, more "jewels" of Istanbul, more connections with Turkish history, culture, and people. We expected to tour a major complex known as the Fatih (“The Conqueror”) Mosque (named for Mehmed II who conquered Istanbul). That is now under construction. Instead, we discovered two other “off the beaten track” mosques, with no tourists at all! We had one mosque completely to ourselves, and I was able to do another of my “snap lectures,” while seated at the front of the mosque, explaining architectural features, Islamic designs, history, and some politics (always some politics!).

I'll be brief and just load up a few pictures. The one of the "A Team" (with me behind the camera) is especially impressive - to a person, each and every one of these great students are smiling and showing the happiness I believe we all shared today.


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