Final days ...

On Thursday, our focus was on art and culture, especially modern art. We had a great lecture from Dr. Aslihan Erkmen, art historian, as well as a visit to Istanbul's Modern Art museum.

Today, the Arabic students and I focused on Turkey and the EU. Plus chocolate ... lots of chocolate, hand-dipped in Istanbul. Plus coffee (what goes better with chocolate than coffee?). No pictures, unfortunately, but I'll let all the Arabic students tell you in their own way how we went from Turkey and the EU to chocolate-heaven, a.k.a., Kahve, my new favorite coffee & chocolate mecca.

And tomorrow (insha'Allah), I lead the group back to Ortakoy (see last week's blog on this trip).

As the days are quickly coming to a close, I'm not sure if I'll be blogging again from Istanbul. We'll see what adventure/experience presents itself tomorrow ...


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