Post 2: 23 Feb - Egyptians took their country back!

Egyptians got their country back! They bought it back with the blood of nearly 400 martyrs – nearly all young people, women and men, Christians and Muslims.

Egyptians of all ages, all walks of life – except the crony capitalists, the corrupt few – felt they were servants to the Mubarak regime. Now they are the owners again; now they are the rules of their own destiny (although they wouldn’t say this necessarily). But no doubt: they got their country back! They are citizens, not subjects. Egyptians are “owners, not renters” (a common expression here). And now they are determined to keep it and improve it – to have a better life, for their kids and themselves.

Here again is a "sign of the times" - billboards are plastered all over Egypt with patriotic slogans. This one praises the unity of Egyptians, Muslim and Christian alike, who fought for their freedom and the end to tyranny, injustice, corruption, ... it says: "Egypt - one heart and one blood" (and the symbols suggest unity, equality between Muslim and Christian)


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