Ramadan Kariim!!

It was just announced that Ramadan officially starts tomorrow, Monday. Here is a sweet message we received from our host partner, Qasid Institute. 

Dear Denis Sullivan,

With the arrival of the month of Ramadan, we will preview changes to the daily routine in Jordan (and throughout the world).

Of the most visible changes will be that nearly all markets  and restaurants are closed for most of the day.   Eating, drinking (and smoking) publicly also become essentially unlawful in light of the fast being observed by over ninety percent of the people.  At sunset, however, city life reawakens in full.  Mosques overflow in the evenings.   Invitations to festive dinners from neighbors, family and friends are common.   

Whether you are observing the sacred month or not, we invite you to enjoy the climate of personal purification and social good will and hospitality it entails.   

Here at Qasid, we will provide a room available throughout the day for those not fasting to eat and drink, comfortably. 

Thank you,

Qasid Institute


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