Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Here's a radical shift - Amman, via Cairo, back to Amman and now in Sarajevo.  Then again, not so radical.  Sarajevo is a city that has survived, despite losing 110,000 souls in the 1990s wars.  Cairo is undergoing its own upheaval, and will (insha'Allah/God willing) avoid the chaos and massacres of this beautiful city, chaos that is inherent in a collapsing political system.

Our "Team Balkans" has been here for 5 days.  They have been treated to numerous lectures and site visits; a tour of Sarajevo; their own "hunt" (as in scavenger hunt) for cool and interesting things about this beautiful place.  Today, we had a great discussion of political philosophy, "state of nature", a "treatise on government", and the collapse of the Yugoslav state in the 90s and the various perspectives held by Serbs, Croats, and "Bosniaks" (aka Bosnian Muslims).  Fresh from the "Arab spring front", and Cairo plus Amman, I also could bring in parallels from Syria and Egypt.

Here are a couple of pics from our visit to the Bosnian Court ("War crimes tribunal" court of Bosnia).


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