Happy (?) Anniversary: Mubarak's year out of power

You know the saying, if you're not moving forward you're going backwards ...

That's about where Egypt is today. It's calm today, the 1-year anniversary of the dictator Mubarak's resignation/fall from power. There were thoughts/calls/hopes for strikes across Egypt, celebrating the anniversary and bemoaning it at the same time - bemoaning the new military dictatorship that has simply replaced the last one. Move over Mubarak, hello SCAF.

So, it's a happy anniversary for us who feared more attacks by the military junta against peaceful demonstrators. But it's a sad anniversary as well, realizing that Egyptians still live under Emergency Law and military dictatorship, with economic collapse ever looming.

On that gloomy note, see my post on Egypt's prosecution of American NGO activists (and the Egypt-US relationship).


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