Earthquake in DC: 5.9 quake and MLK Stone of Hope

Nevenka and I came to DC today. As we met an Egyptian friend in the Mayflower (Marriott) lobby, the world shook and it was obvious what it was - a major earthquake. People screamed; people rushed out of the ballroom and restaurant; we just sat there and acknowledged what it was ... I texted Jo and Grace to tell them we were fine; Nevenka called Ali and Hassan. And we continued our talk about Egypt "post-political earthquake" (i.e., post-"Revolution").

We later took a walk to the Mall and we discovered that the new Martin Luther King memorial was being prepared for its official opening by President Obama later this week. But we were allowed a "sneak peak", before the official ceremony. It's an inspiring memorial, on a beautiful spot along the Tidal Basin, with Dr. MLK looking across to Thomas Jefferson (former slave owner, but otherwise great guy!!).

If you can read the side of the monument, it states what MLK stated - and why the artist/sculpture (Lei Yixin) used this phrase to highlight King's struggle, and he took it from King's "I Have a Dream" spee
ch: "With this faith, we will be able to hew out of the mountain of despair, a stone of hope."


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