Orientation & dinner in Amman

It's Friday (thae holy day and start of the weekend) in Amman. We had a 1:00 pm start to our Orientation with SIT staff and we started with an amazing lunch - felafel, hummous, baba ghanoush, fuul and hummous (traditional Jordanian dish), pickles, olives, cucumbers ...

Filled to the rim, we moved to the offices of SIT (School of International Training, based in Burlington VT). Our first lecture/discussion was about Culture Shock - what it is, how to address it when it happens. Next: Safety, Security, and Health. Then, a discussion of sexual harassment issues and its prevalence in Jordan (and comparisons with US and the world). I added my own discussion about the new syllabus, course expectations and assignments, plus the Calendar. And we ended the Orientation with a discussion of our Homestays. We then went out to another amazing restaurant - with nearly all we had at lunch PLUS so much more! Main dishes of vegetables, chicken, and beef. And topped off with entertainment - led by an Oud player and his drum partner. An opening day that will be hard to beat!


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